Monday, February 23, 2009

Book inspired by Marie Antoinette

I found this little spiral note book that was just right for a Maire Antoinette inspired book.

At Ten Two Studios, Lisa, had the lovely little tags called "Les Chapeaux" that worked perfect for this spread. I made a little pocket to tuck in the tags.

I found this lovely double sided satin ribbon to string together the tags. I carefully cut and glued images on both sides.

On this side of the page I cut out two images from the tages and had them face each other to continue the hat theme.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Art History 102 Swap- The Impressionist 2009

These are my Seurat cards, various markers
These are my Sisley cards in watercolor
These are my Degas cards in colored pencil, my scanner broke and photos are not so good.
Cassatt cards in watercolor, ink and pastels
Monet cards in watercolor
Renoir cards in ink and watercolor
Cailebotte cards in ink and watercolor
I am hosting a swap over at Illustrated ATCs,, it's focus is on the impressionist artist. Here are my cards that I have done so far.