Monday, September 28, 2009

Girls of Summer

Well summer is over, although is was 95 degrees here on Saturday.
I love childrens board books. They make great bases for some fun books.
As you can see this one was in the shape of the sun. Which worked out great for my theme.
I found a paper pad that had all these great colors and patterns. Along with images from Ten Two Studios, Bathing Beauties faux postage and By the Sea collage sheet. Of course I had to have some fun with words.


This weekend I went out for one of my favorites, Indian food. We have a large Indian community here in north Texas so there are some really good places.
I have always loved the art of India and have met some wonderful people from there. It seems like a magical place, elephants, temples and the various landscapes and different inner cultures of India.
This book was made from manilla envelopes, the size will fit money in them. I folded them in half and sewed them on my machine. I then sprayed them with inks.
The collage sheets are from Ten Two Studios, Passage to India and the Little Diversity images. I hope you the enjoy parts of this book.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Moleskin Project 2009/2010 Sal's Book

These are the pages I made for Sal's book in the Moleskin swap I am in at Her theme is Dia De Los Muetros, "Day of the Dead".
I could not fit all four pages on my scanner bed so I had to make two scans. The church in the top panel is from Ocoptec, Morelos, Mexico.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zentangle Swap

These cards are for a swap I am participating at Illustrated ATCs. So you are asking what is a Zentangle? Here is a link to learn about zentangles: . You can also Google image zentangle to see what other artist have drawn.

My cards are drawn with Micron pens and then random spray with inks. You go out and make some zentangle art.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Garden Book

So what do you do with collage sheet left over bits? I took them and made this little journal book that I purchased from the dollar store. I took out three pages for every three I glued, since the paper was rather flimsy. All my images came from Ten Two Studios. The cover images are from Edwardian Beauties Rounds, Victorian Garden Rounds and Secret Garden Microscope Slides that I cut to fit the space.
The pink page came from the Pink themed collage sheet and more Victorian Garden Rounds. The page right below is from the Ocean Voyage collage sheet. All the fussy cutting is from a William Morris gift wrap paper.

The "maids in a row" are from the Edwardian Beauties rounds. The garden gate below is from the pink page collage sheet, along with some other William Morris paper.

The page with the butterflies have small butterflies from the Secret Garden Microscope slides. The large ones are from a book about bugs I have been cutting out of. The foreground boats are from the Ocean Voyage collage sheet. The ships in the back ground are from some papers I purchased from Flax art store in San Francisco.

This page is from the Little Purple Things collage sheet along with some Secret Garden microscope slide cut down to fit the area also. I also included some more of the William Morris papers.

This page is from the Yellow collage sheet along with Secret Garden microscope slide and tags have the yellow faux postage like the one on the pocket.

The last page has images from the Romance tags, Little Men, Little Purple things and White Wedding collage sheet.