Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Two Mona's

The two Mona's are an experiment with medium and paper. This green Mona is a rubber stamp sprayed with green ink and applied to mix media paper. Since I used too much ink the fine details of the stamp was blurred. I filled in around the face with micron and sharpie fine ink pens.

 This is the same rubber stamp, this time I used a flat watercolor brush and applied the watercolor directly to the stamp. I laid a non bleed specialty paper on the stamp, lifting it carefully. It has some better details on the face. I colored in the face and made swirly hair with watercolor and a fine brush.

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Виктория Камалова said...

Love them both!!! Would like to try it too)))
Livia, on AFA I have some problems with PM. Please e-mail. Did you get my collage ATCs?
Victoria Kamalova